EU Erasmus+ Sport

Project Partners


Hrvatski savez daljinskog plivanja / Croatian Long Distance Swimming Federation (CLDSF)
PIC: 901099349
is a national sport association (federation) for OWS founded in 2001. It has 21 OWS Clubs as its members, clubs with over 200 licenced swimmers (male and female) who compete in national and international OWS races. Apart from organizing around 15 national competitions a year, the association (federation) is the organizer of European and world competitions:
Stari Grad (the island of Hvar) 1989 – First European OWS Championship
Dubrovnik 2008 – European OWS Championship
Poreč 2009 – European OWS Junior Championship
Zagreb 2014 – European OWS Junior Championship
Rijeka 2016 – European OWS Master Championship
Novi Vinodolski – Crikvenica 2019, FINA OWS Ultra Marathon Grand Prix Croatia
Honorary president CLSDF, Mr. Vinko Šoljan, is part of the Hall of Fame as well as the OWS event Faros, Stari Grad, the island of Hvar, Croatia.


Project Partner 2: Croatia

Klub daljinskog plivanja Primorje / Open Water Swimming Club Primorje, (OWSCP)
PIC: 922262421
was founded March 13th, 2010. It is a private collaborative association of public utility, and therefore, not-for-profit. It has its own legal status, and full capacity to exercise goals and powers within its jurisdiction, as governed by The Law on Associations 74/14 and by The Law on Sports 19/16 pursuant to the regulations of the Croatian sport legislation, by its Statute, General Regulation and the remaining internal standards required in exercising its competencies.
In addition to its own competencies, OWSCP exercises public administration under the supervision and guardianship of the National Open Water Swimming (OWS) Federation, and Sport Association of the City of Rijeka. OWSCP is, firstly, part of the local aquatics association Primorje’08 established in 1908, and in addition, it is affiliated with the national OWS Federation, and through it integrated into the Croatian Olympic Committee.
The main aims of the Club are: 1. Advancement and development of distance and marathon swimming as one of the Olympic disciplines; 2. Improvement of the recreational swimmers’ swimming techniques, their psycho-motoric abilities and their participations in competitions and recreational swimming activities.
During nine years of its existence, OWSCP has organized more than 100 OWS events, including the LEN Aquatics Day founded in 2013 for the whole of Croatia, when LEN established the European day of aquatic sports, as a swimming competition that includes other LEN aquatics sports.

Project Partner 3: Slovenia

Športno društvo plavalna akademija Rok Kerin/ Sport Club Swim Academy Rok Kerin (SARK)
PIC: 900715132
As the Swimming Club SARK is specialised in activities:
· a swimming school of more than 100 children (annually more than 250)
· primary school swimming programs for over 15 schools
· individual swimming coaching
· mail Open water swimming clinics school
· events for young and senior OWS swimmers
· Lifeguard Courses

Project Partner 4: North Macedonia

Пливачка федерација на Македонија / Swimming Federation of the Republic of Macedonia (SFRNM)
PIC: 901083247
Swimming Federation of North Macedonia, as the national swimming federation is founded 21 March 1946. In Ohrid.
Till 1992 was in Confederation of Yugoslavia, after independent was made central office in capital city Skopje.
In all 90’ was one of the successful federations in Europe with swim results and infrastructure for swimming. Unfortunately, from 2004 till 2017 was years of destroying results.
The mostly famous and historical is Fina Swim Marathon in Ohrid, one of the oldest in Fina World Open Water Swimming marathon.
SFRNM is beside swimming, and OWS the head North Macedonia federation of all FINA aquatics sports.